JAVbeltre’s journey originates from a small Dominican town, shaped by modest beginnings and aspirations fostered by a family heritage rich in musicians and educators. Relocating to New York City at 11, a deep affinity for hip-hop and R&B was kindled, sparked by Chaka Khan’s “I Feel for You.” Inspired by Rakim and KRS-One, JAVbeltre crafted a unique rhythmic style, infused with depth by the influences of Sade and Mary J Blige. Unexpected mentors emerged: Mark Anthony showcased sensitivity, while the Wu-Tang Clan instilled resilience. Exposure to conscious hip-hop from groups like A Tribe Called Quest and Public Enemy expanded JAVbeltre’s worldview, delving into societal issues and personal growth. In the depths of heartbreak and subsequent depression, a latent creativity surfaced, revealing talents in graphic design, songwriting, singing, and music arrangement—a phoenix rising from despair. JAVbeltre’s narrative resonates with resilience and self-discovery, his music echoing a profound personal evolution—a testament to overcoming life’s challenges.

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Boken Baddie

Gypsy Eyes

Move it Gyal

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